Friday, January 12, 2018

Day 3: The Great Depression (The 1930s)

Activity 1: Dealing with Stress

When I feel stressed I like to play on the computer or go for a swim at the school pool.

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  1. Kia ora James,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced "Emily") and along with Allie, I am also part of the Summer Learning Journey team!

    It's great to read your different strategies to deal with stress. I like how you are able to walk away from the thing that is making you stressed and go focus on something else. Well done, James. This is a great way to give yourself time to calm down. Going for a swim is a great idea! Swimming is always so refreshing and you can burn off a lot of energy. When I'm stressed, exercising helps me a lot too. Maybe you could add a picture to this blog post to add some colour and make it look more interesting! :)

    Going on the computer is also a good idea as long as you are remembering to be cybersmart. What are some things you like to do on the computer?

    The Summer Learning Journey team are really enjoying your blog posts! Keep up the great blogging!

    Noho ora mai,

    Emiely :)


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