Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The hoop fell

The hoop fell

The hoop fell on me and it hurt then my hard ball fell on my head and that hurt to then the top of the hoop fell on my arm.That really hurt so i sat in side for a while. After a while the hoop fell again not on me thou i was too more shots and it stood up rite it fell then it was. Not stadel ‘i was relift after i was stadel i whispered’.

This is the hoop                                        I have lernt not to do more then one thing

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Description review 2018

She is looking at a cloud of it is floating towards her she is staring at it she wants to look away but her eyes are sukt there her head is glued there she is trying to get out of this position she finally got out of it she ran inside a sayed there for a long time

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

desciptive witing

The water is crashing on the shore line i am suffering on a maciv wave then i fell of the surfboard my surfboard my cracked and snapped in half then the waves where so big that they swooped me out to sea.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mars Challenges

Return Ticket please SJ 2.1.00

Work in pairs or individually to find information in the text and organise it into a table. (First one has been done for you.)

Challenges with living on Mars

Not enough on Mars so people could not breathe the air
No food on Mars.
No water on Mars.
Meterrates shot from the ground.

imaginary planet

Imaginary Planet Information Report

Use your planning from earlier in the week to sort your ideas into paragraphs. You may add the heading in a blue box after discussing with the teacher.

Strange things
Rains nucks
Topic sentence
On Venus 2.0 it Rains nucks any time.
Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)

When it rains the aliens move to their underground houses

They protect the aliens so they do not get hurt.

When the nucks come down they catch on fire and mack craters.

Concluding sentence

Living Creatures
Bright green big and tall 4 heads 26 leggs 50 iyes  19 arms
Topic sentence
Aliehs world run around in venus 2.0 and it will de wired  

Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
  • On venus 2.0 you can drive in flying cars and you can also go to underground houses. And there are mushroom cows walking around and they eat chocolate plants. There are alis to they go around and they 4 heads 26 leggs 50 eyes and 19 arms.    

Concluding sentence

Monday, June 18, 2018

This is my new plan for a amazing NEW planet.

                                i enjoyed making this because it was fun drawing it.